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Natural Flea Remedies

Why Go For Natural Flea Remedies?

Some season offer a very good environment for fleas to grow. Therefore, once the weather gets warm, we have no other choice but to look for natural flea remedies. Although it is easier to look for artificial flee remedies to deal with this kind of problem, but there are many animals and people who suffer from allergies with chemicals that these flea remedies are packed with. Fleas are real buggers to our dogs. Our little best friends could end up with blood pumped with various medications to get rid of these fleas. So it is always important to go for natural flea remedies, which means that we keep our dog free from those harsh soaps and sprays that are never pet-friendly after all. Therefore, here are some all-natural flea remedies to try. First, you might like to try the effect of rosemary flea dip. You can achieve this mixture by steeping couple of rosemary in water; let this boil for 30 minutes. You could now strain the liquid and get rid of the leaves. Now, add about a gallon of warm water to this mixture. You have to wait for the water to cool down before you could wash your dog with this mixture. Allow the dog to dry up naturally. This is the perfect natural flea remedies during the winter season. If you have been using lavender to brighten up the smell of your room, you could also use this essential oil as one of the effective flea remedies. Start the process by bathing your dog. You could now apply drops of lavender essential oil to the dog's tail and have other drops at the neck. This will do well to cure your dog's flea problems. You could also add some Brewer's yeast on your dog's foods. This is like using a prescription med, although the Brewer's yeast is a healthier choice. This is excreted into your little dog's skin, which will make fleas hate to stay.

Depending on the weight of your dog, you should use varying amount of the Brewer's yeast. For best result, it is best to talk with your veterinarian for dosage assistance. Who says that apple cider vinegar is only for human? Add a spoonful of this vinegar into your dog's water. This will make their skin a little more acidic, which is something that the fleas hate the most. Now in case your dog hates apple cider vinegar, then you could just dilute the vinegar into an equal amount of water then spray this concoction into your dog. Now, you could also use lemon to spray into your dog's mane. Just cut lemon, cover with boiling water, and let it stay overnight. Once morning comes, you could spray this solution all over your dog, particularly on areas behind his ear and around the head. You could also spray some on his legs and tail, just prevent from spraying near the eyes as this could lead to irritation. What is the reason why you should go for natural flea remedies instead of those you could find readily available in the market? Well, it is normal for us pet owners to give our dog the best environment possible. Therefore, we also want to ensure that anything we put into his body is safe. Hence, going natural will guarantee us that our dog will not be suffering from ugly and unnecessary side effects later on. Itching is too common among dogs, but as pet owners, we should make it a point to deal with the situation even before it gets worse. Commercial flea remedies provide fast result and they are quite available in huge amount today. However, there are many pets suffering from some forms of allergies with the use of these commercial products for fleas. Fortunately, natural remedies give us an avenue to work on helping keep fleas away.

As you know, fleas do not just affect your dog, but including the health of the whole family. Please understand that fleas do bite human, which can lead to rashes and irritation. Fleas are the vampire among the world of insects. Fleas are hard to deal with. But according to US Environmental Protection Agency or the US EPA, their study of flee control products show that side effects include mild skin irritation to more serious problems like seizure and deaths among dogs. For this reason, the agency recommends that it is the duty of every pet owner to take precautions on the use of these products. Fortunately, more and more pet owners are now looking for the option of natural flea remedies as part of the preventive care and treatment. Going natural will guarantee our safety. They are affordable and do not pose any side effects. Natural remedies for fleas could include herbal and holistic ways that are always gentle. Once used the right way, these natural options are bound to give the same effect as those commercial flea controls in terms of effectiveness. Actually, there are many options you could go for: from sprays, dust, and other ingested options. Since you want the very best for your cuddly cute pet, you should always strive to go for natural options in the treatment for fleas. Along with timely veterinary care and preventive maintenance, you could uphold your pet into its best of health. So do not settle with those chemically packed flea control products in the market. We have all the right to go for what is natural, especially when what is at stake is the health of our family and the pet we have come to love. Make use of natural remedies for fleas so we do not regret our actions later on. So once fleas come, think natural.

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